discussWhen I was a kid and we were riding in the car I used to imagine a little man, usually sonic the hedgehog, running outside trying to keep up with the car. He would make crazy jumps over bridges, trees and ditches trying to keep up with us. I still do it sometimes.. Me too! Not me!
1016 other people do this 254 people think it's bizarrefacebooktwitterby itsme on 2010-10-08 05.54.08 in Misc

I think most of us did this as a kid to pass the boredome or something.. mine used to be a little man #1 Tony on 2011-02-09 20.21.51

I usually went with a sort of mystical horse/deer. Made my legs itch. #2 Cowe on 2015-11-06 23.43.50

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