discussFor as long as I can remember, I have imagined invisible threads stretching across my path between every object I pass (trees, car wheels, fence posts). I imagine the threads collecting around my legs like elastic bands, so I try to go back the same way to release myself from them, if not possible, I visualise cutting them, but still feel entangled. Me too! Not me!
90 other people do this 1090 people think it's bizarrefacebooktwitterby Anonymous on 2013-01-30 01.03.27 in Misc

This seems bizarre to me but so cool that I don't want to make fun of the wonderful mind that created it by clicking "Bizarre!" (That seems like I'm saying it's a messed up thing to do, and instead I want to say, How weirdly awesome!) #1 wuz2blu on 2015-04-18 04.46.10

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