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discussI seed my torrents. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhenever I'm on a roller coaster that has a cave that the ride goes through or anything similar I always duck my head. Now I'm 5'5 and obviously shorter when sitting down but even so I always duck! Me too! Not me!
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discussWhen I am driving in a car at the back seat, I always imagine a huge lawn mower hanging at the right side of our car, mowing all the trees and everything that is there. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhen I'm playing a game I'm constantly creating save games and re-play certain parts 3/4 times untill I am satisfied with the outcome (not being detected, not taking damage, etc) even if I prevailed in the previous attempts. Any choice that I make in chats with NPC's I consider final though, I don't even try alternative endings as I feel the end of the story is my initial choice. Me too! Not me!
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discussEver since Modern Warfare 2 came out, whenever I see a plane/helicopter in the sky, I hold up my arms like I'm holding a stinger missile and make a series of beeps that start slow but speed up as I lock on. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhen I change settings like the volume on electronic devices I always need to make it a multiple of 2 or 5. My stereo for example is always at either 16, 18 or 20. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhen I walk, I pretend there's 'poo' on the bottom of my shoe and that I have to get equal amounts of it on the bottom of each shoe. I achieve this by stamping harder on each shoe or stepping twice with the same foot if I think the amounts are unequal. Getting it precise is impossible so when it becomes too much I do the same except wiping the 'poo' off until there is not more hypothetical 'poo' on either shoe. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhen I press the jump button in a video game, I tend to bounce in my seat to help my character along. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhen I'm walking uphill I deliberately try to fart for extra propulsion. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhenever I'm watching a tv show or anything and I see a little detail, such as a pen mark on a piece of paper, I always think of how it got there, creating a whole background story for the detail. Me too! Not me!
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