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discussI oftenly activate "animal mode" when at the bottom of my stairwell. When in animal mode I scale my staircase on both my hands and feet and when I reach the top I execute a flawless tactical roll into my room where I then masturbate profusely. Me too! Not me!
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discussI set a time on the microwave then run to the bathroom, piss, and run back and see if I got back before the time ended. Me too! Not me!
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discussIf I turn off a light behind me I run like a mother fucker to prevent the shadow demon from getting me. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhenever theres a crack in the window or spots of dirt on it when I'm in a car I always pretend it's some random object and I make it crash into people/things by moving my head or I make it avoid people/things depending on how I'm feeling that day. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhenever I'm on a bus or something along those lines and I'm listening to music, I always feel as if the PA system is going to suddenly turn on and it'll be playing my music. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhen I was a kid and we were riding in the car I used to imagine a little man, usually sonic the hedgehog, running outside trying to keep up with the car. He would make crazy jumps over bridges, trees and ditches trying to keep up with us. I still do it sometimes.. Me too! Not me!
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discussI flush the toilet while I'm pissing and then try to finish before its done flushing. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhen talking to someone I always imagine kicking them right in the balls/pussy. I don't know why but I always imagine that and what people would do after. Me too! Not me!
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discussI tilt my arm in the shower so the water runs down my fingers and pretend that I'm some sort of x-men who's power is to shoot water out of his fingertips. Me too! Not me!
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discussWhen I'm about to eat I take my knife, stare at my food and say angrily "Im gonna CUT YOU!". Me too! Not me!
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